Recently Aamir Khan released his trailer for the official Indian remake of Forest Gump, a story about a man with a low IQ, navigating through life. You see, according to Aamir Khan, the definition of a remake is embedding his same old ‘hatke’ expression onto a beloved character and calling it day. So naturally, Twitter has been divided. Some are kinda into the whole idea while others are spit roasting him alive. But there’s always that one guy takes it to a whole new level. 

This dude predicted his future career ripping off Hollywood classics and I’ve got to say, it kinda makes sense?

Here is Mr Perfectionist destroying Lord of the Rings:

and Schindler’s List:

and The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger who?):

Pulp Fiction x Dhoom 3:

Oh and The Matrix of course, although Akshay Kumar beat him to it: 

Also The Prestige:

Who told Aamir looking like an owl is cute?