Whether you change channels on TV or flick through the pages of newspapers, you’re bound to stumble across a headline that makes you spit your drink out in surprise. Catchy headlines are great but sometimes are taken too far.

We came across this Twitter page called Journos Writing Drunk Articles which posts the articles which need to be read twice to realise they aren’t jokes. We have compiled the funniest of the tweets that will make you wonder what they are high on!

1. Internet lingo doesn’t work well with everyone. 

2. Clickbait 101. 

3. Not all rhymes work. 

4. Drunk journo articles, for real. 

5. Aliens to Himesh- Ek baar aaja aaja aaja aaja aaaja.

6. Or the riches need it to become more disgustingly rich. 

7. Not sure what you’re on but this headline is class apart. 

8. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

9. O chudail, kal aana.

10. Okay, but why have they cancelled him?

11. All love stories hit headlines, all of them. 

Can think of funnier headlines that you’ve come across? Share with us in the comments below.