There was women who drink, holi and even lollipops, Bhojpuri music has a knack of writing music about any and everything. 

Their latest trend, unsurprisingly is coronavirus. The industry has decided to produce songs about the disease. 

From Hello Kaun, Coronavirus? to Coronavirus Aail BaNon-veg Khana Nahin, Darling and then a bunch of other songs just titled Coronavirus. This section of cringe-pop has over 2M to 3.7M views on YouTube, per video!

Ek piece khao na, O mere shona. Tujhko pakad lega, virus corona. 

-Non-veg Khana Nahin Darling

The lyrics range from Laya bimari coronavirus to Dorr se hi hoga ab romance. And while some are sexist, the others are downright racist. 

Twitter can’t help but call out the industry. 

Don’t believe how cringy it is? I dare you to listen to any one of these.

Do these songs aim at spreading awareness? Nobody really knows. But at least it’ll get people to start washing their hands.