Who hasn’t posted something stupid on social media after getting drunk? Turns out that is something we have in common with Desi celebrities. And this Twitter account has been compiling these drunk posts for perusal!

Selmon bhai’s peak Twitter moments!

Amitabh Bachchan doing Hawwwwww at Priyanka Chopra’s four letter word. 

KRK spitting 2 rupaye ka facts as always.

Just some average Sehwag tweets.

At least we have something in common with SRK. 

Maybe this article should just be Sehwag shitposts. 

Michael Vaughn is well…

Amitabh unkil please!! 

Bhajji bowling a wrong’un. 

Has she been on Bigg Boss? 

Vimal bhai, we all love Kajol but number thodi chahiye!

Errrmaahgaawwd, The Great Khali is unhinged!

FYI, this was during some riots where people had been killed. 

Jackky boy, please!

Technically, pi to raha hai bhai. 

What the actual f*** is wrong with Vivek Oberoi?

Apne naak ke baal talwar se kaatne wale Ravindra Jadeja!

You can check out the Twitter account here. There are some bangers in there that can’t be posted here for obvious reasons.