Recently, a person named Piyush Rai put out a pretty controversial tweet. I’m warning you, if you’re Bengali, turn back now – your heart won’t be able to take what comes next.  

Did this heathen just insult Kolkata biryani?!

The pain! The horror! The sheer untruthfulness! Predictably, this kind of blaspheming turned into a storm in a teacup. You don’t just diss the best kind of biryani in India and get away with it. 


And to insult the all-powerful aloo – the maker and breaker of biryanis – well that just will not stand.

They’re right – the aloo, the anda, the gentle spice – Kolkata biryani is a thing of beauty. But one has to look at both sides I suppose.  

Which is where Rohini Singh came in. She didn’t just shoot down the Bong goodness, she also took a snipe at Hyderabadi biryani! This is madness!

She was also met with a whole bunch of resistance for championing the cause of Lucknowi Biryani. Food is serious business after all.

Archanas Kitchen

One savage individual even invoked Rohini’s love for lauki as a sign of terrible taste in food! Total destruction.

Personally, I’m a pacifist. Eat and let eat is what I say. But biryani (not veg biryani) has a special place in most people’s hearts, and when your heart breaks, you lash out. So all you broken-hearted biryani lovers dissing each others’ creations – give it time, this too shall pass.