Indian prime time news is a joke that gets told every day. At least a few years ago, there was a certain pretence of journalism. But lately, it seems that caution has been thrown to the wind nobody cares anymore. 


Case in point, K. Siddhartha, a guest expert you might have seen multiple times on TV giving his expert opinion on multiple things. 


Someone actually pointed it out on Twitter, that this man has been presented as an environmentalist, an expert on India-Vietnam relations, a geologist, and an educationist among others. 

We dug around a bit and found out that Siddhartha is actually an author and consultant. His website lists him as a ‘strategic thinker, geostrategist, knowledge and perception management consultant, thought leadership trainer’ among other things. 

Regardless, this did not stop Twitter. Once, the picture went viral, Twitter did what Twitter does best… Nothing much actually, just a bunch of jokes. 

Oh man, WTF! BTW, you should all know that all newsrooms have a guest coordinator whose job is to find guests, audit them and prepare them for the shows.