Friday is here, you guys!

After the week that seemed like a year, it’s finally time for us to sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing. 

Here are 20 tweets that aptly depict the feelings of every human being on a Friday. 

1. Same doggo, same.

2. Run Forrest, run.

3. Me, every Thursday.

4. Shimmy shimmy ya. 

5. The wait was loooong! 

6. The only day I care about.

7. The only poetry I want to read.

8. I’m going to be busy, yes.

9. #Goals

10. Sneaking into the weekend like…

11. Me right now.

12. Suddenly, everything feels good.

13. TGIF, seriously. 

14. The pain is real.

15. Thanks for the lovely advice.

16. For the anxious souls.

17. We’ve all been there.

18. Bottle for me, please.

19. Same.

20. Oh yeahhh.

Fifty shades of Friday.