Have you guys been on Twitter these days? Well, specifically, Twitter’s Twitter account. If you do, you find out that Twitter follows only one person on Twitter. And no, he isn’t a president of a country or an oil baron or Jack Dorsey’s now deceased barber. He’s just a dude called Jeff, who until a couple of days ago only had 300 followers. 

*Narrator voice* You are probably wondering how we got here? Well, it was only a few days ago, that the dude named Jeff tweeted about having accumulated 300 followers in his 13 years on the social networking site. What happened next will suprise you?


Just kidding. Not a lot of original content to work with here. So, anyhow, the tweet went viral. And by viral, I really mean it and not like when we do cricket tweets with 20 retweets and call it viral. This was proper viral with 12k retweets and 213.5k likes and counting. 

Jeff didn’t know about it of course, because he seems like the kind of dude who has a life.


But when he woke up, he woke up to 12k followers in just a few hours. And one of those followers was Twitter itself. You know what Kudos to Jeff because he asked people to stop once he got to 420 followers. 



He even came through with what he promised on the OG tweet, even though it was a joke. He legit gave us a 6-step plan to get more followers.

Anyhow, people have been going nuts after realising Twitter follows this man. 

Jeff’s got it sorted, guys. Okay, off you go then. I am notoriously bad at outros.