What would you consider lucky? Finding money in expected places at unexpected times maybe. Or maybe, getting the green light everytime you cross a traffic light. 


But how about missing a bullet aimed at your had by centimetres? 


Yeah, that went real dark real soon, didn’t it? Well, that’s what this article is about. A page called Cheating Death where there are actual videos of people just missing death by a whisker!

I mean, look at this. This makes me feel claustrophobic. 


That bike almost wet through her!

Also, why is there a kid on the street? And how didn’t he get run over in that traffic!

Even God didn’t see that coming.

See, this is the kind of shit that Palpatine hit Mace Windu with! Thank the lord, this man missed it!

Here’s another one. Whenever you feel like throwing an axe, please remember, you’re not Thor and that shit will bounce back and hit you in the head. 

That little swerve though!

Whoa! That is going to be traumatic, irrespective of the dude being dead or not!

This is exacty why I don’t do adventure sports! if we were meant to be that high, we wouldstayed on trees. 

That’s a glitch in The Matrix!

That person almost saw God there, in flesh!

Like the caption says: When death is on vacation’.

Alright, I am not gonna scroll down anymore to find you videos. This is giving me a lot of anxiety! Please check it out on your own, if you like watching people nearly get killed!