Not me, not me. PEOPLE want sex and it’s my duty to help their voices reach the world.

So, the deal is, that the pandemic has left us all away from our loved ones (or, like, desired ones) and that has led to a rise in hormones.

You know? After all we are human, we didn’t go through thousands of years of evolution to stay locked up in our homes.

…we went through it so that we can have sex while we are locked up in our homes.


However, thanks to corona, that is not possible for anyone who isn’t with their partner.

And those who are with their partners, have entirely separate issues going on and I doubt there is much sex there either.

Hence, it is becoming a global issue.

Yeah, climate change, who cares? Glaciers are melting, fuck that.

(Fuck reminds me…)

Anyway, sex is all everyone seems to be concerned about.

I mean, things are so bad that there are thirst tweets on Modiji’s account.

Yes, people have started finding Modiji attractive. Which is fine, no judgment, but commenting like this is fucking weird, stop doing it. He is our PM, man.

Meanwhile Twitter is also just filled with people complaining about not getting laid.

Now, I am no one to give sex advice (or any advice), but guys doing this will not help.

Yes, the ‘same bro’ comments might make you feel better for a while but there is no proper solution to this issue.

You’ll have to wait it out.

Because I am assuming, and hoping, that you are not willing to take the risk of getting corona just to have sex.

Anyway, don’t lose hope. A day will come when you will do it again (with consent of course) but until then, you’ll have to lend yourself a ‘helping hand’ – or whatever works for you.