Remember the time when every Youtube Ad had a skip button? Ah! Where are those good old days? I was under the impression that it was only me who had gotten super worked up about these long, long ads. But apparently, a lot many of us are in the same boat.

Twitter user ranted about YouTube Ads, and the tweet went viral like ANYTHING.

People have REALLY got something to say about this.

Oh yes! And the ad legit comes ANYTIME.

LOL. How far would you go with Ad blockers? They’ll find you.

Oh! It’s not just YouTube. It’s everywhere. 

I used to love Chaand Baaliyan, but I’m so over the song now. Spotify has overplayed that advertisement.

So people really hate ads.

Well, Team YouTube actually responded to this!

Umm, I’m not sure whether that response helps but thank you.

Not just YouTube, but will every streaming platform force us to purchase their premium subscriptions? Because it sure seems like that with their unbearable, unavoidable, long, tedious ads.