Back in the day, before social media had found a way into our lives, if we had a thought we believed to be stupid, we would just keep it to ourselves. However, with free internet, every time someone had a bad thought, they think it’s wise to share it with the world. 


Sometimes, it’s just a way to get attention, get more followers, and other times people genuinely believed their own bad takes. So, in today’s episode of “Look, the North Indians are at it again”, we have a Twitter user who believes South Indians only have one good dish- Dosa.  

Naturally, Desi Twitter woke up to this ignoramus tweet and let’s just say I saw some fire and brimstone on the way to work today. 

Now, for those of you who don’t frequent Twitter, this is what you would call a “Trigger Tweet”. It’s meant to garner the responses it did. That said, it is still so damn stupid.