Online dating can be interesting and all, but it’s mostly annoying, because people are annoying. These apps are meant for us to meet people we wouldn’t meet otherwise, which sounds like a good idea. But it’s almost difficult to tell people apart – everyone loves sushi, gym, The Office and ‘sarcasm’. So we end up swiping right to the permutations and combinations of these bios.

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A Twitter user shared a similar generic bio, and of course, people joined in. While they’re all parodying cringey bios, they’re weirdly honest. And it wouldn’t be surprising if we do end up finding these for real. Clearly, the dating pool is not as large as one might think. If at all you think you found someone ‘different’, they’ll probably be a version of someone else you’ve already dated.

And now, Twitter is finding it tough to stop.

Things got too real, too soon.

Did you right-swipe a sarcastic-foodie-cinephile today?

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