Every kid had a “once I grow up, I’m gonna do whatever I want!” phase. But somehow, while growing up, we forgot that as adults, we set our rules. We run the world (well, sort of) and can do whatever we want for ourselves.

Here we are to remind you of the actual fun parts about being an adult, despite the taxes and bills and…life in general. Too cynical? This tweet thread, by Rituparna Chatterjee, will help pamper the child within you while being the cool adult!

Some scholar on the internet once said, “once you realise that there is no special occasion to have cake, that’s when the second half of your life begins”. (We don’t actually know who said that, honestly).

*orders way too many chocolates* yeah, I’m just saving up for Halloween….totally doing that…

Keeping the AC on till noon during summers and sleeping in >>>>>

No, these aren’t tears in my eyes, it’s….dust!

Kya kissi ke bhi parents unhe popcorn nahi lene dete the?

As someone (me) rightly said it, “Meetha khaane ke liye shubh awsar ki koi zaroorat nahi.

Finally acting on your love language because you’re only answerable to yourself >>>

Now my constant rewatching of Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham on Netflix and Encanto on Disney+Hotstar makes sense.