Ever lost something and gave up the search, thinking, "Ab toh milega bhi nahi"? This woman in Pakistan lost her belongings at the airport and thought the same.

She forgot about her belongings and bought replacements. Until, three years later, she somehow she got them back.

27-year-old Khadija, from Lahore, Pakistan, had the most one-of-a-kind encounter with an honest and civil man who decided to return her belongings 3 years after their theft. He was sold the gadgets from someone but soon realized that the items were probably stolen.

He not only realized that the items were stolen but also put a lot of effort in order to find the rightful owner. As fate would have it, he found a way to contact Khadija through a completely random screenshot in one of the backed up folders. 

While many would debate keeping the items or not put in as much work to find the owner, the man did everything despite his humble backgrounds and village life.

The situation is as wholesome and inspiring, as it is bizarre. After Khadija's thread, Twitter marvelled at the honesty and integrity of the man and many users shared similar experiences.

Others are still waiting for this happy ending. But...reality might just be bitter.

A wholesome thread that is inspiring and heartwarming at the same time.