We were scrolling and LoL-ing and having a generally good time on the internet when we stumbled upon this latest tom-foolery happening in the Twitter-verse. Apparently, a lot of Twitter celebs are making tongue twister dub-smash videos featuring Kurkure and trying to out-do each other with their own versions. Some of them are actually hilarious. Here are a few.

1. Here’s Aadar Malik doing a bad job at looking dainty.

2. Amogh Ranadive finishes his video with a legendary pout.

3. And here’s Varun Thakur. Who put a towel on his head.

4. Abish Mathew pitches in.

5. Ashwin Mushran joins the party.

6. Gabbar Singh steps out of Twitterverse to take on this challenge.

7. And finally, the inimitable Kanan Gill makes an appearance.

Want to join the fun? Make a video yourself and participate in the Kurkure #ButterMastiChal lenge . Just don’t end up getting “tongue-tied.” Cheers!

Feature Image: YouTube/Kanan Gill

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