According to a report by the TOI, Patanjali announced its tie up with BSNL to launch the Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards. 

Me: I want to change my mobile network. None of the mobile networks work in my office.

While this is just meant for their workers across the country, Twitter quickly jumped on the bandwagon and stretched its imagination to troll the ‘sanskari sim’. 

Inhale… Exhale.

Yoga is the new porn.

Purification is the key.

Hello! Wrong number?

On the top.

Save trees, enjoy network.

Yeh sevayein aapke phone pe uplabdh nahi hai!

Sanskaari autocorrection.

Secret behind your fitness? 

Phone calls.

The ultimate saviour.

Left, right, up, down.

Install the sim at your own risk.

Natural and safe.


Anulom Vilom.

It’s scary AF!

Next in the line.

Baba Ramdev never ceases to amaze us.