Moms are usually very competent. So, every little habit of doing something differently, sounds like a trend. Who do you think created ‘dalgona coffee’ first? They also have this weird habit of saving contact numbers with detailed information – so they don’t forget. Competency max.

And a Twitter user rightly pointed this out. She shared screenshots of contact numbers that her mother had saved – like ‘Machar Maarne Wala’ and ‘Brijmohan Naale Ka Contractor’. And it low-key feels good, knowing that all desi moms do this. They might forget a person’s name, but they would never not remember what they do. Scrolling through these contacts is like reading a city directory.

Of course, our mothers don’t find anything weird with these detailed names, and so they share them as they are. That’s where the vicious cycle begins. And all phones in the vicinity end up with the same ‘descriptive name’. On the other hand, their contact book is like Hermione’s purse, it’s got everything.

Twitter finds this relatable.

To differentiate my contact from others of the same name – mom places a ‘beti’ after my name. Just too cool.