Most of us suck at time management. At some point or other, we all would have said, ‘if only I had more time…’. But sadly, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, and the only way to make the most of it is by managing our time better. So, here are some really useful time management hacks by a Twitter user, that can help you to sort your life. 

1. Divide your tasks on the basis of importance and urgency

You can categorize the things you have to do on the basis of their importance and urgency using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. This matrix divides tasks into Urgent, Less Urgent, Important, and Less Important. This would help you prioritize your tasks.


You can do the urgent and important tasks first, schedule the important but less urgent tasks, delegate the less important but urgent tasks, and delete the less urgent and less important tasks from your to-do list. 

2. Learn to say No

We spend a lot of time doing the things that are not important and energy-draining just because we can’t say no. If you are feeling overburdened because of doing unnecessary tasks, chances are you also have a hard time saying no. Say no to unnecessary things so that you have the energy to do the tasks that require your attention.

3. Use productivity-enhancing tools

Thanks to technology, it’s easier to keep a track of everything, which leads to more productivity. You can easily find a lot of productivity apps preinstalled on your devices. You can use notes to organize your thoughts, your calendar app to set meetings, and so on. Using productivity-enhancing tools helps a lot with time management.

4. Too much PR is not good either

Maintaining public relations is crucial. When you are an entrepreneur, it becomes all the more important. But you need to accept that all PR is not good PR. You have to identify key publications and engage selectively. 

5. Meditate and exercise

We have all heard about the compounding effect and the importance of investing early on. One of the best investments you can make is to invest in your health. If you meditate and exercise for 30 mins for 30 days, you will be spending 15 hours in a month, the same time you’ll waste if you fall sick for even one day. 

6. Divide your day into small blocks

It’s easy to get intimidated if you look at everything that you can do in a day. So, divide your day into smaller blocks of time, and focus on only one thing at a time without any distractions. 

7. Make a prioritized to-do list

At the start of the day, pick out the 5 most important things that need your utmost attention. Finish them first before moving on to less important tasks. 

8. Reduce decision fatigue

Taking decisions requires time and effort. Instead of taking all the decisions on your own, try to delegate. Put a system in place that automates the decision-making process. It will help you with time management, and you will be able to focus on more important tasks. 

9. Take help from mentors and coaches

You can either spend months learning something on your own or you can take help from people who already have that experience. This will help you save important time that you would otherwise be spending chasing wrong ideas.

10. Utilize your commute time better 

We spend a good portion of our time commuting from one place to another. You can utilize this time more productively. If you take public transport, you can utilize that time to take calls, attend meetings or scheduling your day. 

11. Understand your time’s worth

It’s natural to try to do everything on your own, especially when it can help you in saving some money. But you also need to realize that the time you’re spending doing menial jobs, can be utilized to do other important tasks. Understand that sometimes your time is more valuable.

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