Let me predict your future. You will fail all your New Year resolutions. Just like you failed this year, last year, and every other year of your existence. You see, the ultimate truth is that ‘New Year, New Beginning’ isn’t our thing cos we’ll be the same people doing the same shiz and cribbing about how 2023 passed so fast same time next year.

So, instead of making more hypothetical resolutions, let’s look at the ‘n’ number of things we failed to do YET ANOTHER YEAR. Twitter user @Full_Meals shared a list of things they failed to do in 2022.

And the thread is loaded with replies from people sharing their version of the list.

Let’s enjoy our misery together!


Cos the list is endless. There’s so much we’d rather do, but we don’t.

We’re all aboard the same ship. AND IT’S SINKING.

Failed to read books as many as I had thought I would, no journal fifth year in a row, failed the gym goal, sleep cycle still sucks, didn’t manage personal finance wisely, and cribbed about all of it, knowing it’s my fault.

How did you mess your 2022? Also New Year, New You?