Each of our offices is really frustrating place. No matter what position you are in, there are always people who cause unwarranted problems, make your life miserable. Normally, you would just ask these people to piss off and throw them out of your lives but a workplace is a different story, isn’t it? 


You always need to be careful while expressing your displeasure at someone at the workplace. You have to be professional, which is why this Twitter user started this thread. 

Turns out, the problem is so universal that everyone who saw the tweet contributed to it. 

This has been really educational. And please feel free to use any or all of these above statements at work. I know, these guys are. 

Oh, you are still here, on a working Thursday afternoon. Well, you know what they say, “Always take a shit, and read ScoopWhoop articles during office hours.” FYI, you can do both at the same time!