With Diwali just around the corner, chances are that you’ve already made your mind about where you’ll be going for those Casino Royale-esque card parties. But mind you, whether you’re playing with relatives, friends or even with your boss just remember that once the cards are dealt, everyone becomes an opponent.

Anyways, coming back to opponents. It definitely pays when you know a thing or two about the guys and the gals at the table. So, allow me to introduce you to the 15 types of people you will meet at a Diwali card party:

1. The irritating noob who has no clue about anything…

“How is an ace a higher card if it’s 1 and the king is 13?”

…and just refuses to listen when you are trying to explain him the rules.

2. The c hakna hogger who’s only there for the food.

“Can I bet these cutlets, please?”

3. The guy who’s got two left hands.

He’s got the power to reduce the morale of the entire table in a single hand.

4. The shuffling maniac who probably deals cards for a living.

“Every day I’m shuffling…”

5. The guy who definitely flunked in Maths in pre-school… TWICE.

“Hey… I think I’ve got triple pairs!”

6. The indecisive sloth who’s going to take fo-ev-er on… Every. Single. Turn.

Ok, go ahead and spend 10 hours figuring out what card you’re going to throw. I’ll just sit here.

7. The guy who never knows when it’s his turn.

“Just stop looking around the table, man. Just throw the goddam card!”

8. The scarily intense player who’ll do anything and everything to win!

He’ll often discourage any table talk and intimidate other players into bending to his will.

9. The insanely strict rule follower who will Google you to death.

“Wait! I’m not sure that’s right… I better check to make sure for the thousandth time.”

10. The table flipper who just takes things a little TOO seriously.

Beware! He can lose it anytime.

11. The superstitious monkey who will do all the crazy antics while picking and throwing his cards.

“What? I just touch it on my lips for good luck. You got a problem with that?”

12. The udhaarkhor who will do anything to get a buy in.

“Bhai… dekh bhai nahin hai? Please, ek baar aur bass. Kal deta hun naa.”

13. The sneaky cheater who thinks that everybody else is just blind.

“Me…? Cheating…? Come on, man!”

14. The pro who will eventually own everyone on the table.

15. And last but not the least, the lucky bastard who will eventually OWN the pro.

“Sorry guys, I’ve got a trail of aces… AGAIN.”

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