Let’s admit it! This generation is crazy about selfies. People might have seen our faces a million times thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and what not but why deny them the luxury of watching us a million more times, right?

Wrong! Some of us love taking selfies so much that we often cross the line between “Wow, what a selfie!” and “WTF, another selfie?!” If you receive a lot reactions of the latter kind, you will relate to this.

Here are 21 types of selfies we really have to do away with!

1. The I-Just-Woke-Up Selfie

Messy hair, half open eyes, groggy look… The perfect time to take a selfie, right? WRONG!

2. The Getting-Ready-To-Go-Out Selfie

Wait, wasn’t the plan to get ready and go out?

3. The I-Hate-Kids-But-How-About-A-Selfie? Selfie

“I hate you, how about dinner?” Doesn’t make sense, right?

4. The I-Am-Pretending-To-Be-Asleep Selfie


5. The Look-At-My-Injury Selfie

Normal people take it as a sign to seek medication!

6. The In-My-Hospital-Bed Selfie

So your platelet count is low yet you can take a selfie? *Slow clap*

7. The Oh-God!-I-Am-Drowning-In-Work Selfie

How about you put the phone aside and finish work? Just a suggestion!

8. The Hey-I’ve-Had-A-Makeover-Please-Check-Me-Out Selfie

Whether it’s a new tattoo or a new hairstyle or a new nail-paint, guess who else needs to see it? No one!


9 . The I-Am-Totally-Taking-An-Inappropriate Selfie

At a funeral, you decide to take a selfie with the coffin. A hell of a way to pay your respects!

10. The Look-At-My-Intense-Face-Listening-To-My-Favorite-Playlist Selfie

And I need to watch you like this because?

11. The Hey-I-Just-Got-Out-Of-The-Shower Selfie

Weekly ritual, right?

12. The Duck-Face Selfie

This one should be banned!

13. The I-Am-Totally-Looking-Hot-In-Front-Of-The-Mirror Selfie

Whether it’s just you or you with your phone or you with an expensive phone, guess who cares? No one!

14. The I-Am-Taking-A-Dump Selfie

Now seriously, why would you want to show us how you take a dump, or shower, or whatever it is that you do in there?

15. The I-Am-Looking-Good-Today Selfie

How about the I-Am-Really-Not-Interested reaction?

16. The Hey-I-Have-A-Pet Selfie

Mike Tyson has a tiger but you don’t see him taking selfies, do you?


17. The My-Room-Is-So-Messy-But-I-Would-Rather-Take-A-Selfie Selfie

How about you put the phone away and clean up the mess instead?

18. The I-Workout Selfie

We get it, you have biceps and 8-pack abs but why rub it in our faces?

19. The Belfie

Just when we thought you couldn’t stoop any lower. Literally!

20. The I-Am-Pretending-It-Is-Not-A-Selfie Selfie

So you really think you can fool us with your pretentious selfies?

21. The Selfie-With-My-Car/Bike/Truck/Whatever..

LOL. Need I say more?