Indians have a different ada , a different ishtyle of doing things. The world relies on artificial tools to feed themselves (read fork, knife, spoon), we trust our own two hands. The world practices a simple form of greeting, we express our happiness at having met someone through our gestures. We are the progenitors of jugaad and are the epitome of being street-smart.

All in all, we are distinctly Indian. Deepak Dennison show how the Indian way is different from any other way through these posters. They designed the following posters showing the aspects of ‘Being Indian’ :

1. This one for our love of creating ‘shortcuts’ and saving time.

2. For Indians’ ‘career first, choice later’ attitude.

3. To India’s sole traffic rule during the night: Every color is green.

4. This one for Indian parents who say – “Never trust a stranger unless you are married to him/her.”

5. For the Indian mentality of treating everything which comes ‘ abroad se’ as superior.

6. Dedicated to the law of Indian hygiene which dictates that a place where some trash is strewn is asking for it .

7. This one honors the concept of Indian wedding which demands that the bride be everything that a groom is and still pay a price to spend her life with him.

8. Cheering our belief in ‘ Atithi devo bhava!

So what in your opinion are things we do in our desi way?

Story credit – Pavithra Murugan