In today’s bizarre news, a bank robber was caught by the police because he was apparently ‘too slow’ at fleeing the scene. Yes, this really happened.

A 47-year-old bank robber named Matthew Davies stormed into a Bank of Scotland branch in Dunfermline armed with a meat cleaver in a pillowcase (that he would also use to disguise himself) to carry out a heist.

But, he made a huge mistake. He forgot to cut out eye holes in the pillowcase so, he had to cut short his heist as he failed to disguise himself successfully. (Representational Image)

While he managed to rob nearly £2,000 from the bank, a man going into the bank bravely decided to tail the robber as he escaped. 
Of course, Davies had no clue that he was being followed so he apparently walked ‘very slowly’ and he also stopped on his way to pet a dog. WTF! (Representational Image)

He was finally arrested by the police from his house where they also found the cash and the pillowcase that he used to cover up his face. (Representational Image)

Eventually, he pleaded guilty to charges of assault and robbery and now he is in police custody. 
This heist was worse than the heist planned in the film Dhoom 3