If you think you have tried it all to find the love of your life, even Sima Taparia, you are probably wrong. Among the many peculiar things we humans do for love, this bachelor for the UK did something beyond our imagination.

While you have seen ads for matrimonial sites, this one requires a lot of guts. 

29-year-old, Mohammad Malik, is in search of his soulmate to avoid an arranged marriage. Not Bumble or Tinder, he has resorted to billboard ads to find him the ideal life partner.

Have a look. The ad reads, “Save me from an arranged marriage”. 

Malik describes himself as a 5ft 8inch tall man who is creative and loves doing the most random and absurd things. 

Talking about his struggles to find the one, he even tried traditional methods such as ‘Rishta aunties’, but it didn’t work for him, hence the billboards!

Malik also emphasised he wants a Muslim woman in her 20s, as he further asserted “Always personality and faith over anything else”.

Not just this, he has also launched a website named Findmailkawife.com, where he has added more details about him, including hobbies, profession, age. 

I just haven’t found the right girl yet. It’s tough out there. 

He has also uploaded a video on YouTube inviting people to fill the form if they are interested. 

“I just want to try and find someone on my own first,” said Malik. He has already received a lot of responses through the advertisement, with a ‘double digit’ number of replies.

Malik struggling to find a soul mate is many of us!