Inflation is on an up and up, and we’re also in the age of seeing people creating multiple streams of income for themselves. It’s getting more and more creative by the day, too. 

From NFTs to brilliant small businesses, it seems there are no limits to how you can make money nowadays.For instance, this Buckinghamshire woman’s idea to rent her husband out for a bit of a cash flow!


Nope, it’s not what you’re thinking. This is not some Sridevi, Anil Kapoor and Urmila Matondkar from Judaai type situation. 


Laura’s husband James is very talented at DIY home projects, and so she created a website by the name of ‘Rent My Handy Husband,’ so that he can build and do DIY projects for others. 

Most people think it’s great. They say it’s sometimes hard to get builders to quote for little jobs as they’re not interested. James is perfect for things like putting flat packs together, putting up trampolines, building shelves and installing things… Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to get someone in to do a job we’ve been waiting on our husbands to do for what feels like a lifetime. Life gets in the way and those jobs get put to the side, which is where my idea came in.

-Laura Young, Ladbible


She says the prices they’ve decided on are £35 for a house or job, at the moment and that the work fits in perfectly with his schedule as two years ago, he’d decided to give up his job to help Laura with their three children. 

What a neat idea!