As an Indian, bargaining is our birthright. No matter what we buy, we always want thoda aur value for our money. You know, squeezing the lemon to it's last drop. But what if you get an offer you just can't refuse? And that too without trying at all?

No i'm not talking of a parallel universe. I'm talking of our very own India. Check out these amazing sellers for whom, customer is truly the king. After all, grahak toh bhagwan ka roop hota hai.

1. Chinta chita ke samaan hoti hai .

Source: Interland

2. Wonder what festival was it?

Source: Asian Express

3. Holy shi(r)t!

Source: Vitamin-ha

4. Baaki ke 50% kahan gaye?

Source: SBI Oak

5. Buy 20 kgs and you get a discount of 40 paise. Now that's something.

Source: Rajeshvar

6. Sir, aapke saath students ne bahut ganda mazaak kiya hai .

Source: Bodybuilding

7. Offer, my ass!

Source: Lolyard

8. Reason why India's population is on the rise.

Source: Trip Advisor

9. Try finding Nemo inside someone's stomach.

10. This guy here has already experienced the benefits.

Source: Jdmesh

11. Dick move, Big Bazaar.

Source: izilol

12. A dishonest man, you can always trust to be dishonest.

Source: Mehfil

13. Spoilt for choices.

Source: Fitflea

14. Oh crap!

Source: Dumpaday

15. My whole life was a lie.

Source: Educational Service

16. You have my like. And my friend request.

Source: Imgarcade

17. A desi version of the body shop.

Source: Kavoor

18. Because who doesn't want a chicken head transplant?

Source: Ikonal

19. Because Airtel ke 'andar' garments.

Source: Whatsapping

20. Seems legit.

Source: Lolindian

21. Cum one. Cum all.

Source: Shrinivas Ayyar

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