There are things that make you go ‘eww’, and then there are things that straight up jackhammer your hypothalamus. I’m talking about sounds like nails on a chalkboard, or in this case, images that are so disturbing that prolonged exposure might just result in catatonia. Don’t worry, it’s nothing graphic, just supremely uncomfortable and on all levels – totally wrong! 

A little trypophobia to start off the day.

Followed by a healthy dose of claustrophobia.

High heels? More like bye, heels!

Why the fuck is this so disturbing?!

Breakfast in bed is so 2008. Now it’s about breakfast in bath.

You’ll either find this blackhead removal supremely satisfying or immeasurably horrifying. 

Check out where our extra teeth are stored! Weird huh…

There’s nothing more terrifying than a fork handle gone to waste…

Face swap, you beauty.

Oh hell no, ‘Eye-m’ outta here!

*Pukes in mouth*

Hmm, she looks like an ‘Eye-sha’.

This is a skull affected by bone cancer. Terrifying.

Who’s up for a nose job?

Those are are newborn horse hooves. So. Freakin’. Gross.

Wet, wild, and weird.

This is probably someone’s fetish. That someone should be in jail.

Kya bolti hai banana re public?!

Burn it before I burn whoever did this!

Taher Shah approves.

When David Attenborough said you should be one with nature, he didn’t mean this.

No caption needed. Enjoy hell.

The Tooth Fairy just put a curse on you.

This image really knows how to get ‘under my skin’.

Now go take a shower. I know I will.