The police officers from 11th and 12th district of Detroit – trying to execute an undercover project – ended up making a fool of themselves when both the groups thought that the other is needs to be arrested and got into a physical confrontation with each other.

Barstool Sports

Posing as drug dealers, the ones from the 11th district were hiding in a house when the other group arrived. Thinking them to be buyers, they tried to arrest them and it led to a huge fight.

Áon Scéal

My personal theory is that they got high themselves, to get into the skin of the character and it led to the fuck up. But this is my theory, don’t take my word for it.

The incident, that happened some time during the Feb of this year was shot by the body cam on one of the officers and it clearly shows these guys getting violent with each other.

You don’t get hold of drug buyers every day, but when you do, they sometimes turn out to be your colleagues.