As if there weren’t enough things with double meanings already, people have to go ahead and make it worse! Here we have a list of products which could’ve done with an Indian’s consultant.

1. Whenever Mom asks kya pee rahe ho.

2. Karte hain, karte hain.

3. Piss me off, and you’ll get this from me.

4. Farak nahi padta.

5. A Punjabi in Paris goes –

6. La, pee lenge.

7. Kaunse kone mein jaake peena hai Kona?

8. Peene ke baad sab gata.

9. Not the perfume I’m looking for.

10. Eyelashes us girls are tired of dealing with.

11. The God of all beers.

12. It’s working very well, thank you. No oil needed.

13. Tell my neighbours that.

14. Jab kutta hai, toh billi bhi hogi kahin.

15. Saala hai toh..

16. Kamina bhi hoga kahin.

17. Delhi drivers go like, “Tum hato.”

18. And if you don’t move, they kill you.

19. But that’s what I don’t want to smell like.

20. Toh joote achhe hain ya radii hain?

21. Serve this when you want the guests to leave.

22. So hi rahe hain.

23. Tastier, yes. Healthier..?

24.  Indian parents’ go to – Jab bachhe na sune, unko..


25. Naming my girls squad –

26. Friend warning me about that narrow gali.

27. Thermostat ke naam pe mujhe kya mila..?

28. Subtle hint, watch for your valentine.

29. Endorsed by Ravi Shastri.

30. Ranbir’s –

31. Inko bataayein..?

 32. Le liya.

33. Amp with a message.

34. This has a strong “fragrance”.

35. The Pappu of all fragrances.

These pappu products really cracked us up!