You can find some truly weird and unbelievable pictures on the Internet. It's basically a treasure trove.

So, to celebrate that inherent weirdness, here are 20 of the weirdest ones we found on the web.

1. Shoe-Carpet or Carpet-Shoe?

2. Those are some big berries

3. Are you sure that’s an eye?

4. Cat-like crack on the stairs

5.A stairway to heaven?

6. Illusionist

7. Two cats or one?

8. Mirror Mirror on the wall

9. Lil’ puppy with a kitty insignia on his chest

10. Notice the pattern

11. Dracarys?

12. Look at the size of that!

13. Those beer bubbles are more organised than my life!

14. Very unusual

15. Enter the loo! No wait, enter the kitchen?

16. This guy is giving us some serious #instagoals

17. Perfect Click!

18. Mrs. Whiskerson, is that you?

19. It happens only in India

20. My kitchen ain’t that classy mate