Life can be difficult if you are UP police. Sometimes you run out of bullets and have to shout ‘Thain Thain‘ to scare the criminals.


My point is that as police officers of this certain state, life ain’t easy. Especially if you happen to meet the following gentleman. 


This man, whose name has not been revealed allegedly called on the police helpline number ‘100’ because he wanted to travel from Ujhaari to Gunnaur.

Just so I’m clear, he called the cops to give him a lift in their vehicle because he didn’t have any money to pay for the bus. 

Obviously, even the policemen were a little perturbed by this dramatic turn of events. So they asked him if he consumed any narcotics. 

But the guy quite honestly told them that he didn’t do any of that shit; only chillum. 

He said that he had been doing chillum all his life!

Damn! This guy literally has no chill!