Sometimes, you gotta be aware of things that have no direct relationship to your life only because they’re fun to know. Like tomato is a fruit. Or that Jupiter is large enough to accommodate 1,300 Earths. Just like ‘fun facts’ we used to read at the back of every classmate copy in school, we decided we’d get random information overdose today. And well, we happen to stumble upon Redditors doing exactly just that.

useless facts

Somebody on r/AskReddit community wanted to know useless facts, and some of the responses were actually shocking.

useless facts

1. “Mammals pee for an average of 21 seconds, no matter if it’s an elephant or a mouse.”

– lurker2487

2. “The inventor of Pringles can was buried in a Pringles can.”

– Mammoth_Virus261

useless facts to know

3. “A woodpecker’s tongue splits at the back of its head and wraps around it’s skull to keep it’s brain from rattling when it pecks stuff.”

– 1mALittl3N0tStraight

4. “Lighters were invented before matches.”

– audiofarmer

useless facts to know

5. “Oranges were not named for their color. The etymology of the word ‘orange’ goes back to the Sanskrit word for ‘orange tree,’ nāranga, though that word could be from the Dravidian (another South Asian language) word for ‘fragrant.’ The color was named after the fruit.”

– Icewallow-toothpaste

6. “Russia is bigger than Pluto. You could literally fit all of Pluto into Russia”

– VanessaDoesVanNuys

useless facts to know
Russia Beyond

7. “Bananas are berries, but strawberries are not. “

– ServantofShemhazai

8. “If a tornado looks like it’s standing still get to cover because it’s coming straight towards you.”

– PrudentAd4017

useless facts to know

Not sure if this made any difference to your life, but hey, it was at least fun.