Life was great until, I stumbled upon a Reddit thread of useless inventions. Naturally, when I came across something this mind-boggling, I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with all of you. 

On that note, here are some of the most unnecessary inventions that will definitely make you question their existence. 

1. Really? What's the point?

2. Oh well, how does this even qualify as an invention?

3. A classic example of a failed invention. 

4. Ohkay... I am speechless. What the hell is this even called?

5. You'll definitely need glasses after using this useless invention. 

6. No, thanks! I'd still prefer eating biscuits with my hand.

7. The world would have been a better place without this invention.

8. Good concept. Bad execution. 

9. Is this for real?

10. Definitely can't unsee this.

11. I have lost all hope after seeing this. Sigh!

12. Crocs gloves? Really? Why?

13. Who even came up with this idea?

14. No! I don't intend on looking like a clown in public.

15. Seriously! How is this even practical?

16. How is diet water any different from normal water?

17. Doughnut flavoured chips? Are you freaking kidding me?

18. No shoes at all >Shoes without soles

19. And, why do you even need to charge a fork in the first place?

20. This invention was really unnecessary. 

21. Highly impractical, to say the least. 

22. Heels on wheels? Please stop!

Which useless invention did you like the most?