With the stress levels increasing with each passing day, we need more and more people to make us laugh. Which is why, we are thankful that people like Varun Thakur exist. How else would we have gotten such kickass jokes?

Take a look.

1. Best of both worlds? Not really.

2. Those were the best days of mah’ lyf. 

3. Par kabhi ghamand nahin kiya.

4. Well, at least we’re creative about it.

5. Because if you have it, flaunt it.

6. Thank God they don’t offer samples to taste. 

7. Because plastic on a remote just feels faantaastic.

8. I (pharma)see what you did there.

9. The performance pressure is real with this one.

10. So much oil in the head, America wants to invade it.

11. Because some things can never take a break. 

12. Bahut jaan hai inn (middle class) haathon mein.

13. Fake it till you make it.

14. Because good artists copy. Great artists steal.

15. Khush rehna koi humse seekhe.

16. “Haan ab chal raha hai.”

17. Seriously, who keeps a count of these things?

18. Just for the record.

19. Kyunki yeh araam ka maamla hai.

20. A visionary indeed.

21. Because swag.

22. Keeping it real.

23. Chhoti si baat? Not really.

24. Because history repeats itself.

25. Yeh pyaas hai badi.

If laughter is the best medicine, then Varun is definitely one of the best pharmacists around.