Saannu velle kehnde, saanu ki? Bas kehnde hi rende, saanu ki?

Is this song the story of your life? Wait, are you Googling the rest of the lyrics right now?

Welcome to Camp Vella, where life is all about timepass. And this is what we do:

1. You just can’t think of anything to put on your to-do list .

2. You munch on things you don’t even like, simply to kill time.

3. At work, you are either taking a break or waiting for your friends to take a break.

4. You’ve Google-ed the weirdest things under the sun.

5. Your hobbies and talents include hand-farting, whistling, drumming on table-tops, supposed beat-boxing…

6. Not only do you judge people, but also award them points in your head, on no particular basis.

7. You aimlessly scribble your name on everything.

8. You keep staring at things, trying to find the true meaning of their existence.

9. You check out everyone’s display pictures and statuses on your WhatsApp contact list.

10. Even when there’s nothing nice to watch, you pass your time by TV surfing.

11. Your fingers get more exercise than your legs as you keep scrolling randomly through Facebook, 9gag, Tumblr…

12. 97% of your notebook is filled with doodles. Let’s be honest, there are just doodles in there.

13. You’re always on a lookout for a fellow vella to do nothing with.

14. ‘ Timepass toys ‘ like Play Doh, Putty, Aqua Sand etc. were made for YOU.

While reading this article, 10 minute ka timepass ho gaya . Now get back to whatever you were not doing.