One of the fondest memories that most desis grow up with is the gully cricket they played as kids. From considering the bounce of the ball to pooling in money together to buy a bougie one, it seems as though, gully cricket has been a foundational leisure activity for most Indian kids. This is why a Twitter conversation about how expensive the balls by brands such as Vicky, Guru, Stumper and Cosco have become is so bitter-sweet and nostalgic.

Gully Cricket, Balls, Twitter
Credit: ESPN

Twitter user @pjparties started the conversation by pointing out how expensive the Vicky cricket ball has become. Apparently, there was a time when the ball cost 30, but now it’s worth 90!

Gully Cricket, Balls, Twitter

So of course, this was bound to spark a discourse. While some people brought up how Reynolds pens haven’t become all that expensive, others talked about how other brands of cricket balls have become quite expensive. Take a look:

Good ol’ days I guess.