Some old-school Bollywood was so bizarre, that it actually ended up working. And we’d take that over slapstick cheap jokes any day. 

For instance, we found this old clip on Instagram page VHSwala from the movie Abhimanyu where they pass off Mona Lisa as Anil Kapoor’s mother. 


The dinner table scene starts with a person asking who the woman is and another one replies that she is his wife, Mona Lisa, the daughter of Leonardo da Vinci.

Then he proceeds to tell him that she is at her parent’s place, while Anil Kapoor screams, “She’s my momma”. 

I particularly love how he says, “Woh aurat nahin, mera wife hai” as if she can’t be both. 


And the poor thing has a garland around her neck too. We have simply given up on this.

Kimi Katkar didn’t though. She tried to apply logic and started with “lekin…” but the clip was cut off right then. I am really interested in knowing what she had to say. 


Don’t know if they figured what the deal is but I figured that Monalisa Enterprises provided equipment for the movie. 

Don’t ask the relevance of that. What is the relevance of anything? You please watch the video that probably made Leonardo da Vinci turn in his grave.