A video of a girl glamorously posing in a moving train for a photoshoot from her selfie camera has gone viral.  

Jessica Gorge is a New Yorker whose efforts and dedication to get the perfect picture in a moving train was captured in a video that has now gone viral. 

The viral video was shot and posted on Twitter by a fellow co-passenger Ben Yahr, who spotted Jessica putting her camera on self-timer and using her bag as a make-shift stand for her phone before she started posing for her in-train photoshoot. 

According to Times Now News, the 57-second-long video has gone viral on Twitter with over 8.7 million views and has been retweeted 35,000 times.

We can’t help but wonder how she managed to maintain her balance in a moving train while wearing those killer heels. 

The Netizens are stunned by her efforts and can’t stop enviously praising her confidence. 

Incase you’re wondering how the pictures turned out: 

Jessica, please loan us some of your self-confidence, we can definitely use it in our lives.