Okay, let’s admit it, most of us have tried to lie to our parents at one time or the other and usually failed. (Seriously, how do parents develop an internal lie-detector?)

But the most adorable ‘jacket thief’ handled her father’s questions like a pro when she ‘accidentally’ wore a jacket home, that didn’t belong to her. 2-year-old Mila came home from school, wearing a pink and grey Nike jacket, and her father interrogated her about it. 

And she handled that interrogation like a pro. She knew the jacket was worth ‘5 monies’, was bought from the ‘jacket store’, and ‘it wasn’t too small for her’. But even then her father wasn’t convinced and insisted she returns it. (Okay, yeah, it was the right thing to do!) 


Now, this adorable conversation was posted by Mila’s aunt on Twitter, and Twitterati is in love:

Twitterati also belives she was right and did, in fact, buy the jacket herself. (Faith in Twitter restored)

Things we do for fashion!