This news anchor whose name I am not going to bother to find out is the lethal dose of energy no one needed. What is the secret behind her monstrous enthusiasm and deafening squeaking that I definitely didn’t need to hear at eight in the morning? Is it Boost? Is it a fat paycheck? Cocaine? Or is she simply being an obedient protege by following the footsteps of her mentor Arnab Goswami? 

In case you missed her earth-shattering screams, you can view them here: (headphones recommended to spare your neighbours)

It’s the random helicopter graphics for me. Some unfortunate intern is not getting paid enough. 

Meanwhile, the cameraman is hanging on for dear life. They are saving a ton on gym fees, cause chasing this lady is cardio enough.

Obviously, the internet is at it with its remixes. Here are some that made my day:

Mr. Goswami, please pay for our therapy!