Raise your hands if you get awestruck by your mothers every day!

I think we found the cutest moment of the year! Watch how this mother bumps into her son at work, who is a reporter.

Have a look, and you won’t stop playing on loop:

In the video, we see journalist Myles Harris from ABC 6, who is interrupted by his mother in the middle of the road. The conversation between the two of them was captured on camera and has gone viral. 

The video has garnered more than 1 million views and 42K likes. Here’s what the interesting conversation was all about: 

It’s my mom, hold on. Hi baby! (the mother said excitedly).I’m trying to work right now, and you’re over here calling my phone. This is D’Angelo, you can say Hi.Don’t be holding up traffic. You got cars behind you.

People cannot stop gushing over this hilarious interaction between the mother and her son. This is precious, and we totally agree!

Playing this on loop!

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