Since the pandemic has started, so has our self-dependence. And one of the new skills we have picked up is: Sweeping. 

Because ghar toh saaf karna hi hai. Even if you do it on alternate days. 

However, if you have been sweeping your house, and using a dustpan, you must be aware of a very specific problem: The dirt, for some reason refuses to get inside. Like, a tiny bit always gets left behind.

A man decided to make a video on the same, which has already received more than a million views. 

Going by the name LMNOP on Twitter, his bio is simple: A content creator. And on August 14, he uploaded the said video with the caption: Jhaadu lagana is very time consuming.

While trying to get the dust into the pan, the man keeps moving backwards and basically becomes Forrest Gump.

He can be seen at many important events like US presidential press conferences.

The sets of Game of Thrones, and even inside video games. 

Before he ends up in front of a cave (not any usual cave, you’ll see).

The video has been shared thousands on times on social media, since then, and we can see why.

I just want to know if he finally got the dust in the pan.