We all talk about self-love but it’s only Khali who is practicing it. The man doesn’t care. And that is exactly why he is so rare and entertaining. 

Now, while it is tough to choose from all of his 2,589 posts, I try here. These are 10 posts of Khali that may not be something we are able to comprehend, but find entertaining anyway.

1. There is no law that says your lips have to sync with the lyrics, is there?

2. If there is, well they’ll have to change the constitution.

3. When you don’t know what to end your sentences with, just say ‘inshallah’.

4. When they react to your story 2 days after saying “it’s not working out”.

5. Monday motivation.

6. Me, making random videos of myself after getting drunk because it’s all seems very interesting.

7. This is fiction, right?

8. When they said ‘keep your inner child alive’, they didn’t mean 5-year-old child. But it’s okay.

9. Me, after lifting a dumbell 10 inches above the ground.

10. Half sher for us because we are unworthy.

Only Khali deserves Khali, we are getting this content because we are blessed.