Imagine the planet being 4 billion years old and you and I were both alive during the same time TikTok faced the banhammer in this country. It’s truly tragic for its content couldn’t be matched. From cringe to wholesome, it had everything. 

1. They are going to be telling that story to their grandkids. 

2. HEH!

3. The dude was likely fired from the job. This also serves as an answer to the question “what happens when you deep fry ice?”

4. Did you see the monkey? 

5. This dude! *heart emoji*

6. Wholesome!

7. Faith in the universe restoring one TikTok at a time. 

8. For the uninitiated, misogyny in medicine is why a lot of problems faced by women have been often ‘diagnosed’ as hysteria. To this day, this is what most women go through. 

9. This is what we would have done as well instead of crying on Twitter. 

10. There’s a surprise at the end. 

11. Bhai gym jaate hain. 

12. Hey, the bro travelled continents to be with his bro. Show some love. 

13. If this list were ranked, this video would be on the top. Cat videos are literally the best thing about the internet. 

14. Nothing will ever beat Desi TikTokers though. 

15. Instagram Reels just don’t support bad photoshop as much as TikTok did. 

16. This dude is on steroids, for sure. 

17. Baddest man that ever walked god’s green earth. 

18. Wait, did he just kidnap her? WTF just happened? 

19. This is not a joke. The inability to do this is precisely why Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became Darth Vader. 

20. Wow, iPhone!

21. Wait, what now? 

22. Mujhe samajh nahi aaya!

Ah, well TikTok. We miss you. Just don’t become uncool before you’re unbanned here.