There are very few things Captain Vijayakanth cannot do. Ah, who are we kidding. The man can do everything. Like flipping a guy in the air just by twirling his moustache.


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Haters will say it’s body odour, but even a bullet cannot touch Vijayakanth.

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So, we weren’t surprised when we came across this particular scene of the Captain.

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The scene starts with Vijayakanth typing furiously on the keyboard. Since the space bar is too mainstream, he avoids using it. 

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As you can see by the intensity on his face, he clearly means business.

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We soon get to know that he’s been tracking some notorious terrorists. Hence, he was typing out a database.

But then, the camera zooms in, and we get to see this amazing technological feat.

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Yup, turns out Vijayakanth had been typing on windows media player all along.  

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Koi aur hota toh hum nahin maante. But Captain Vijayakanth hai, to asli hi hoga. Check out the super awesome clip right here.