I have been following the work of Vipul Goyal since his early days with TVF. I was never his biggest fan until the first season of his show ‘Humorously Yours’ came out and he was instantly likable. The semi-fictional, semi-biographical show portrayed him as an underdog in the early days of the Indian comic scene and made all of us cheer for him. Since then I have watched all of his standup clips and most of them are really hilarious. But the one thing I have always felt about him is that amidst his subtle political humor, he tries to play it safe. But in his latest stand-up clip ’10 jokes and ladies handbag’, he went all out and I felt that it is his best set till date.


So, let’s take a look at 10 such jokes which had us laugh out loud and go “Ohhhh…”.

1. Typical uncle behaviour.

2. When he fired shots at unemployment and TCS.

3. Google Maps❌, Asking strangers for direction ✅.

4. Fake it till you make it.

5. When Vipul spitted more ‘Facts’ than current Indian journalists.

6. Maa Bagwati forgives all your sins.

7. Mangalsutra ke bhi roop badalte hai.

8. Mujhe kya, mein toh EV chalata hu.

9. Of course this is also Nehru Ji’s fault.

10. No wonder the tagline of Center Fresh is “Zubann pe rakhe lagaam”.

We love vipul when he is at his unapologetic best. He left no stone unturned to express his views on the current events while making us ROFL. This set is a perfect reminder of the line, “Tragedy mein comdedy”.