Vir Das is multi-talented person. He is an actor, a musician and a stand up comic. But, looks like among many of his talents, cracking jokes and being a stand up comedian is his favourite job since he never stopped entertaining his audience throughout the lockdown period. 

However, even though the guy was entertaining us through a virtual platform for all these months, he finally had a stage performance and it sure was one hell of a 'rant.' 

Das started off by talking about every media channels favourite topic at the moment. Drugs and how these media channels are doing everything other than doing what they should be doing. 

Then came a hilarious take on Deepika's 'drug' consumption and why must she be left alone. After all, she married Ranveer Singh. 

He also had some very funny takes on Bollywood and how the people in the industry just can't afford to 'struggle'. 

Last but not least, he took a dig on the main man of loud journalism AKA Arnab Goswami. All we could do was relate to every word of his. 

Any and everyone can relate to this new stand up sketch by Vir Das without a doubt. 

You can watch the entire video here.