After gifting us one of the most memorable cameo appearances (hello Namaste London) and some truly brilliant lockdown specials, stand-up comedian Vir Das is back with a new series, #TenonTen. 

Instagram/Vir Das

As the name suggests, the series will include Vir’s stand-up act on ten different topics, and for the first part of the series, he chose one of the most relatable (read: offensive) topics in India – religion. 

He begins his set by making an acute observation about what journalism stands for today. And yes, it’s nothing like the meaning in the dictionary.  

Das then moves on to explain why he believes God is a woman. 

Ultimately though, Das reflects on how he thinks the Hindu religion came to be (hint: marriage). 

From dissecting the origin of religion to dropping truth bombs, like Jesus being Middle-Eastern, Das offers a hilarious commentary on why God doesn’t need fundamentalists avenging him over jokes. Because God has a sense of humor. He made humans, after all.

You can watch the complete video here:

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